Osaka Castle Illuminage

Drive-through Sakai Illuminations

We do not offer discounts for groups this year, taking into consideration the impact of Corona.
However, if you are planning to visit with a group or tour, please contact the Illuminations Office for assistance to ensure a smooth visit.

Illuminage Secretariat:mail@illuminagegroup.com>

Tickets will not be reissued for lost or forgotten tickets.
Reissue of tickets for any reason is not permitted.

If you suspect that your property has been stolen, please report the theft to the police.

Please take care in managing and storing your tickets.

Express tickets have priority admission,Visitors may enter through a separate entrance from the regular entrance.

This ticket reduces waiting time.

We hope you will make use of this information when you expect crowded dates.

event venue information

About the event venue

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Ultraman Illuminage Parking lot and parking rings are available.

Osaka Castle Illuminage There is a bicycle parking lot.

Drive-through Sakai Illuminations No parking is available due to the drive-through format.

Kobe Illuminage 1,500 free parking spaces and parking rings are available.

You are free to take photos and videos at all event sites.

Please take care not to disturb other visitors with tripods, etc., before taking pictures.

Please refrain from occupying the same location.

*Flash photography is prohibited only for the light monkey show.

Video recording is prohibited for the Ultraman Illuminations.

Please note

Cosplay photography is not a problem as long as the above information is observed.

It is not allowed to use. For safety reasons and to avoid collisions with other passengers or objects, flying over or around the premises is prohibited.

Pets are allowed only at the Ultraman Illuminage and Kobe Illuminage venues.

Osaka Castle Illuminage

→Service dogs, assistance dogs, hearing dogs, etc. are allowed.

*Please present your user's ID, physical disability certificate, etc.

Admission is available.

We recommend that you be accompanied by a parent or guardian as there are steps inside the venue.

Kobe Illuminage: Available for rent at the gate (2 units)

There is no rental fee.

Osaka Castle Illuminage: No rental available.

Ultraman Illuminations: available for rent at the gate (2 units)

Strollers are not available for rent at all venues. Please bring your own.

The pace varies from client to client, but a rough estimate is around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Re-entry is not permitted.
Tickets per person

May only be used once per card.

Food and beverages are allowed in all venues.

Osaka Castle Illuminage: No smoking.

Ultraman Illuminations: Smoking is not prohibited, but please bring your own portable ashtray so as not to disturb others.

Kobe Illuminage: Please smoke in the smoking area.

*Temporary exit and re-entry are not permitted.

Restrooms are available at Kobe Illuminage, Osaka Castle Illuminage, and Ultraman Illuminage.

Drive-through Sakai Illuminations are only available in the food and beverage area.

Luggage cannot be checked in at all venues.

If you forget something at the venue

If you pick up a lost item, please contact the orange staff at each venue.

If you cannot find your forgotten item, please contact us at a later date.

Illuminage Office : mail@illuminagegroup.com

All events will be held rain or shine.


You can get off and have your picture taken at the food and beverage booth area.

Enjoyable for both children and adults,
Full of diverse illuminations!

Enjoy different LEDs, neon lights, gimmicks, etc. depending on the venue.

There are no holidays.

The event is also held during the year-end and New Year's holidays.

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